Success Stories

Mrs. Charlene Green Shares Her Story

We had a graduation ceremony from our Covid wing back on June 5th! Mrs. Charlene Green was so kind to share her story with us all!

Charlene Green is one of our resident’s at Franciscan Villa. Her and her spouse, Dale Green have resided here for the past three years! On May 1st, Charlene Green tested positive for COVID-19, and was admitted to Saint Francis Hospital with pneumonia and multi-organ failure.

Mrs. Green did not begin to show improvement until after her second COVID-19 positive test on May 12. It was during these days that she started receiving post-convalescent plasma therapy. After 18 days in the hospital, Mrs. Green was ready to be discharged home. However, Charlene’s husband, Dale, tested negative for COVID-19 and knowing this, she could not put her husband, of 52 years, at risk. Charlene was transferred to our isolation unit at Franciscan Villa, and continued to be isolated from her sweet husband. Charlene stated, “I didn’t want to be away from Dale, but I had to. I couldn’t risk Dale getting sick”.

Charlene met Dale when she was sixteen, while visiting her aunt in Owasso. “It was love at first site! Well, for me it was. He was dating someone else, but he did take me to a dance later,” Charlene stated. They were married a couple of years later. Dale was drafted and served with the 82nd Airborne division in Vietnam. Later, Dale worked for PSO as a Resource Analyst. Charlene became a nurse and worked at Saint Francis for 10 years. They had four children, two boys and two girls. One of their children is our very own, Kimberly Green, COO for Diakonos Group, LLC. Kimberly stated, “7 weeks of being apart after over 50 years of marriage was tough for these two!”

Charlene mentioned, “This is one of the hardest things I’ve gone through. I could not breath and I hurt everywhere. It even hurt to breathe; however, I am not a quitter. My daughter and my son have been through a lot, our family if full of fighters!” We are so thankful that Charlene fought her way back. Charlene finally tested negative on June 2, and again on June 4, and was able to be transferred out of our isolation unit! There was a great celebration that day, as she was reunited with her sweet husband and family, during her special COVID-19 Graduation Ceremony!

Not once but twice, Charles Zimmer beat COVID-19!

Mr. Zimmer has been a resident in our long-term care unit at Franciscan Villa since August 23, 2019, after suffering his fourth stroke. In November of the same year, his wife of 56 years, passed away suddenly. Fortunately, he and along with his children, were able to be at her bedside to say goodbye, when the doctors removed her from life support. Sara, one of Mr. Zimmer’s two daughters, said of her dad, “He is strong, and has been through so much in the last couple of years.”

Sara, remembers exactly when everything changed for her on March 12, the last day she was able to give her dad a hug and a kiss. Mr. Zimmer tested positive for COVID-19, and was transferred to our COVID-19 Isolation Unit. Fortunately, Franciscan Villa is one of the few facilities, in this area of the state, accepting COVID-19 positive patients. Mr. Zimmer recovered quickly, and after testing negative two times, was able to return to his long-term care room at Franciscan Villa.

Unfortunately, even with socially distancing from family and friends, on April 27, Mr. Zimmer tested positive again, and was transferred back to our isolation unit. It was six long weeks, this time, before he tested negative and was able to transfer out of our isolation unit.

Sara has been blessed to have a sister and two brothers that support each other through these hard times. Three of them live locally and can visit their dad through the window, at least daily, sometimes two or three times a day if he seems to need more family support. They talk on the phone and have been able to video chat as much as possible. Mr. Zimmer and his family are happy with the compassionate and competent care at Franciscan Villa. Sara stated, “We are so grateful for the staff. They are friendly and genuinely care about Dad and every patient. The staff feel like family to us. We work together as a team!

Bonny PerryBonnie Perry’s story continues

In following up with Bonnie Perry, we had the opportunity to speak with her son, Roy. Roy wanted to share the whole story of her illness with us. Now this, is a recovery miracle according to her son, Roy!

The last thing Mrs. Perry remembers is going for ice cream Sunday, March 29, with her spouse of 63 years. Over the next few days Bonnie’s health began to decline. By Thursday, family insisted she go to the hospital in Bristow. Bristow Hospital then recommended she go for COVID-19 testing at 71st and Riverside. The staff, at the testing center, was concerned about the way her lungs sounded and did a chest t x-ray. The x-ray indicated she had pneumonia. Bonny and her husband were instructed to go immediately to the hospital. With strong encouragement from her son, she proceeded to the hospital and was immediately admitted. Her oxygen saturations were in the 70’s and 80’s. This is the last time her husband got to see her. He didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye or give her one last kiss before he was ushered out due to the new policy on no visitors in the hospital.

Bonnie tested positive for COVID- 19 and Influenza B. Bonnie’s family and friends prayed for her recovery. After struggling to keep her oxygen levels up, Bonnie completed the treatment and showed improvement, but was too weak to go home. She had only been out of the bed to a chair twice in 13 days. She needed therapy and to continue having her oxygen levels monitored. Still testing positive for COVID, her family was told the only facility in this area of the State taking COVID-19 positive patients was Franciscan Villa. The family believes the Lord sent her to us.

Shortly after she was admitted to the Isolation Unit, the family was hoping there was some way they could see her. Her son and family were directed to go around the building and they could see her through her window. The nurse positioned Bonnie so she could see out the window. Bonnie is blind in one eye and as far away as they were standing on the side walk, they were sure she would not be able to see them. But as soon as she could see out the window, Bonnie began yelling their names.

When Bonnie tested negative for COVID-19, she was transferred to our skilled unit. Bonnie was overwhelmed when she rolled through the door. Bonnie told her family, “everyone at Franciscan Villa was yelling and clapping for me, little ole me.” Roy said she cried with joy once she got to her new room.

Bonnie and her family believe there is a reason why she came through all of this. Roy said, “she was sent to Franciscan Villa and you saved her. A million thanks to all of you for the amazing care you gave her.”

Vincent Long 4/17

Vincent Long transferred to the hospital on April 7th, from a skilled nursing facility (SNF) in Tulsa, after testing positive for Covid 19. After 10 days of hospitalization, his condition greatly improved but he remained very weak. His doctor and therapist recommended, that the 77-year-old, return to SNF. He really wanted to go home but unfortunately; he needed his wife’s assistance with his care. Since he was still testing positive for COVID-19, this would put his wife at risk for exposure.

Mr. Long was not able to return to the skilled facility he had originally been in because they are not accepting COVID -19 positive patients. We were happy to accept Mr. Long into our COVID-19 Isolation Unit, which is separate from our Skilled and Long-term care.

After testing negative twice, Mr. Long was able to transfer out of the COVID-19 Isolation Unit into our skilled rehab hall, where he continued his therapy for strengthening, to be able to return home.

Mr. Long stated, “the first few days with the virus was rough, and I don’t remember a lot of the first weeks, but my wife said I was gravely ill. I am still weak, but I am getting stronger every day with therapy’s help. It’s my pulmonary status that is lagging now. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2017 which really knocked me down. Prior to that, I was going to the gym or playing tennis 5 days a week. I was working on getting back to that level when this virus knocked me back and I was weaker than I was to start with. I am walking with a walker now and I will continue my therapy at home. The good news is my lab work, this morning, shows I am now in remission. I am glad I was able to come to Franciscan Villa. The care here is excellent. I would recommend Franciscan Villa to anyone.”    

Bonnie Perry

Bonnie Perry has faced a lot of challenges in her 81 years. In 2004, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The medication used to treat this and her Rheumatoid Arthritis, puts her at a higher risk for infections.   Bonnie began experiencing a cough, fever and body aches for a week before going to the urgent care center.  Bonnie was admitted to the hospital on April 2, with what was believed to be community acquired pneumonia.  Bonnie tested positive for COVID-19 and Influenza B, which is rare to test positive for both. Her oxygen levels were very low and she required additional oxygen. Because of this increased oxygen demand she then suffered from a heart attack. After putting her on the currently recommended treatment for COVID 19, Bonnie’s oxygen levels continued to remain low.  Over the next 13 days, Bonnie improved, but was too weak to return home and still needed her oxygen levels to be monitored.  Her physician and therapist recommended she go to a skilled nursing and rehab facility.

That’s when Bonnie was transferred to our facility’s COVID 19 Isolation Unit at Franciscan Villa in Broken Arrow.  Franciscan Villa is the only Skilled Nursing and Rehab facility, in this area of the state, accepting COVID-19 positive cases.  Bonnie worked with the nursing and therapy staff at Franciscan Villa to regain her strength and improved her oxygen level. With the care and support of our staff at Franciscan Villa, Bonnie tested negative and transferred out of the COVID-19 Isolation Unit.  Within just 10 days from admission, Bonnie was discharged home to her family.  Bonnie stated her care “was wonderful, it couldn’t have been nicer or better”.

Patricia Wolfenbarger

Patricia Wolfenbarger

Patricia was a bank teller who loved her job. She and her husband do a lot of cooking together and they love spending time with one another playing cards.  Patricia loves flowers and going to the casino. When she came to us she required total help with transporting. She was bed-bound and unable to eat or drink a regular diet. Since arriving at our Rapid Recovery Suites, she has gained strength and is able to transport on her own. She is also able to do her daily activities and eat a regular diet! We are very happy with how much she has accomplished during her stay with us! Congratulations Patricia! 

Anissa BaileyAnissa Bailey

Anissa used to work part-time, sorting and shredding papers. She loves her dogs, going out to eat, being around her family and spending time outdoors. Anissa had a seizure and fell, which led to a broken hip. She wasn’t able to walk and required total assistance. In order for her to return home safely, she needed to meet several goals, including being able to go up and down the stairs. After treatment, Anissa will be able to go home to spend time with her family and perform her day-to-day activities of daily living. We are so proud of Anissa Bailey!