Franciscan Villa Centenarian Turns 106

Lucille McClure

Sporting a braided ponytail, Lucille McClure usually wears a cap with her hair hidden underneath it

Broken Arrow, Ok – There is a lot of celebrating to do at Franciscan Villa this weekend, as centenarian Lucille McClure turns 106 on March 8th.  Lucille’s family and friends will gather on Sunday at Franciscan Villa to celebrate her special day with cupcakes and homemade pies, which were her special request.  Anyone who knows Lucille McClure, knows she is a special lady with a sweet and mischievous soul.

“You live longer if you are mischievous.  So, I’m mischievous,” she said with a scrunched up nose and a little spunk in her voice.

McClure was born in Cassville, MO, on March 8, 1910 and raised with her nine siblings in Southwestern Missouri where she attended school.   After high school, McClure starting working as a clerk in an office, as college was not something that her parents could afford.  McClure fondly speaks or her career that was not inclusive of computers and typewriters.

Until age 101, McClure lived in Rogers, AR.  McClure has been loved cared for by all of her nieces and nephews, as she has no children of her own. “I had plenty of them.  And I love them all,” she said.

Wanting to be closer to her beloved nieces and nephews, McClure decided to move to Franciscan Villa, in Broken Arrow, OK.  This community offered her the option of assisted living, rehabilitative and skilled nursing care all the while allowing her the opportunity to be closer to her nieces and nephews.  At one point, three family members were residing at Franciscan Villa at the same time.  McClure had a nephew who resided in the assisted living and a niece living on the same hallway.  McClure enjoyed visiting them often.

Spending time at her Franciscan Villa home, McClure enjoys craft projects, reading the newspaper, magazines and books.  At 106, McClure continues to be stylish and enjoys having fingernail polish that matches her daily outfits.  McClure is looking forward to her big day to celebrate with friends and family and will no doubt look as cute as pie!